In this article, we’ll take a look at how to publish a package to an Azure Artifacts feed using NuGet.

Let’s define the problem statement:

  • I have a common class library .NET Core project that needs to be used across my organization in different projects
  • My organization stores our private packages in an Azure Artifacts feed
  • I want to publish my common library to the Azure Artifacts feed so that other teams can use this library in their project
  • Bonus: I want my package to be versioned

Note: I am using Azure Pipelines for the build process.


  • Azure Artifacts…

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Hello! Let’s look at a way to setup IdentityServer4 to use ASP.NET Identity for User Management and create a React application to login a user and make requests to a protected API using the Authorization Code with PKCE flow.

Before we begin, let’s outline our problem statement. We want

  • to use IdentityServer4 to authenticate a user and provide a token
  • to use ASP.NET Identity for user management i.e. login, logout, registration and the like
  • to secure an API application using the token obtained from IdentityServer
  • to allow a React web application to make requests to the secured API endpoint after…

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My colleagues and I recently had an insightful discussion on Clean Code. While the root of this topic remains technical, there is an essence of philosophy about it, with subjective opinions differing from developer to developer. Despite the lofty title, I am by no means proclaiming the contents of this article to be the word of God. I am merely attempting to pass on some insights that I have gathered from my mentors and my own experience.

Clean Code at its most trivial sense is code that is both meaningful and good-looking. For me, meaningful code is at the root…

I have worked with Azure services for a few years and I’ve seen it change and a host of new features added in the way that technology evolves faster than I can keep up with. This exploratory article aims to give you a small glimpse of the world of Azure and the cloud in general.

I won’t be talking about Azure/Microsoft vs the rest. You are free to evaluate different cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud and so on, and you can pick what solution suits you best. I like Azure because it integrates neatly into Visual Studio, and since…

When working with data, oftentimes my clients or customers have asked me, “who changed that record?”. I always add some audit info to all my entities (models/tables) to know who added or changed a piece of data and when it was last changed.

Let’s start by creating an interface called IEntity that demands that my auditable entities will need to have the following fields:

  • Id — this is my primary key. I tend to keep my primary key in the base entity because all entities will invariably have a primary key (even many-to-many relationship objects, but make sure to define…

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